Why do successful entrepreneurs need a Business Coach?

Running a business is a roller coaster

One day your day is productive and things are looking great for your business, and the next, you feel like everything has been derailed and you are falling. Plenty of business owners go through this roller coaster, and many reach certain milestones during their business life when they say, I’m not sure what to do next.

A good business coach can help you establish a clear vision for your business, develop a strategic results plan, introduce best marketing practices, and guide you along your path to realizing that vision.

The biggest roadblock in realizing your business objectives is ‘you.’ It is our areas of blindness that overshadow our ability to realize more professional success with greater meaning.

I have worked with a remarkable group of executives, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders over the years. Here are a few experiences of my clients that will make it clear how coaching helped them. It is all about the inner process of who we become as entrepreneurs and so much more.

Reinventing business

My client, who has been running a successful and growing business for many years, came to me seeking guidance because he felt his business was stuck at a certain point and he felt responsible for it due to various reasons. On exploring the situation, we found that his core strength was sales and he would get stuck while working on delivery, HR and finances. He would never find enough time to grow his business. Such inefficiencies keep recurring as we grow our business from time to time and there is need to restructure it. This way, we can put energies into areas that can really help us grow.

He was stuck in the belief system that a business was just about making money, the more he sold more the more money he would make. After the sessions, he realised that it was all about maintaining a positive growth ecosystem in the organization, (even more relevant here as he belonged to the service industry). Growth of an entrepreneur is not just about turnover or bottom line. They are important but sustained growth depends on maintaining the right environment and structure that supports performance at every level of an organization.

When we worked on restructuring it right, it helped employees to contribute more efficiently to success and profit. His work became effortless as there was more harmony in the way things happened after that.

Business coach helps us gain proper clarity, identify and deal with any challenges in our path to achieve our dreams and destiny. We are very capable enough but with the right business coach supporting us; we can grow faster and without any effort.

Inhibitions – Identifying and getting rid of fears

One of my clients was going through many financial troubles in his business. This created a crisis situation and he didn’t know what to do. When we explored, we discovered was that he was unable to recover dues from his clients for the past six months. On further investigation it became clear this was happening due to his fear of losing clients. He was not able ask for money with confidence due to his fears and that was threatening his entire business and growth.

Once identified, it took just an hour of healing session to remove his fears. Within the next few days he started taking correct actions and within a month he had recovered half the amount that was due from his clients.

A business coach sits with us and helps us identify what is stopping us from taking right action and heals that inhibition. Inhibitions can be anxiety, fears, loss of confidence, etc. Many times a right inhibition healing session has found to give 30% boost to business growth with half the effort.


Business leadership is about managing the team to get the best performance from them. One of my clients had an accountant who was very intelligent and capable. But he was having trouble handling him, sometimes the accountant did an amazing job and other times he made a lot of mistakes. This created a situation where the client had to waste a lot time rechecking accounts every time which also created friction between them. The same pattern was repeating with other employees too.

On further exploration, we found that he believed that the business cannot run without him and this led to micromanagement. There were some deeper emotional patterns appearing here due to his personal life that were causing this behaviour. Once these issues were addressed in a couple of sessions, the employees started thriving in a positive work environment and their performance improved. He was now able to focus more on important business matters. All that the accountant needed was some space and a feeling of trust for the effort he was putting in to get professional satisfaction.

Business leadership is a continuous process of growth, a business coach helps clients develop their personality in a way that, employees would feel more comfortable and motivated doing their job. This reduces amount of effort and stress we endure in day to day business leaving us more time and energy to grow our business.


One of my clients came to me when he realised his coaching business was not taking off the way he intended. After a few sessions we discovered that since he used to work as an executive for a company earlier and he was used to being answerable to someone always. Due to this, a huge quality oversight was happening and he found it difficult to address his shortcomings.


After the sessions, his work plan became much more structured and focused. We could clearly define the scope of work for him. He also found a work-life balance once everything fell into place.

Most entrepreneurs are very well planned and focused for their team but slack off for themselves. Sometimes, they are not able to respect their own work and boundaries between professional, personal and social life. Hence, the lines get blurred.

A coach is someone who can give you unbiased insight as he has no personal interest in your business. Your own clients cannot give you accurate feedback. Instead, you need a business coach as they will only share a professional relationship with you and add the accountability element to the equation.

Focus on Plans

A client who is a serial entrepreneur came to me when he observed that inspite of all his businesses doing well , he still felt that something was missing and dissatisfying. After some goal focusing sessions we realised that what he was lacking was a life purpose. Even though he was running so many successful businesses, his true passion was into cars and automobiles. I helped him identify the way to work towards his passion.

Now, he is synergising all his businesses that are helping him reach his passion. Things started to move in one direction. Now, there is no conflict between any facets of his life and there is a complete harmony between the time, planning and effort he puts into his work.

A business coach will help to create a right environment which is fruitful and conducive to achieving the goals. Each one of us has fears, life purpose and opinions. The conflict in managing both personal and professional life that affects business can be totally eliminated


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