A Life Healing Coach helps you attain Emotional Wellness

Working with a life coach is a highly personal experience

It involves quality one-on-one time and deep meaningful inquiry. Most people who choose a life coach are not only looking for someone to partner with to address deeper issues but also someone who can teach them how to do that for themselves. It’s a more intimate process than reading a book or doing an online course, and that’s why, when clients and coaches are matched well, profound life changes take place.

Why does one require life healing?

Often people who seek a deeper understanding of their situation and challenges, through one-on-one life coaching those people can access a more individualized approach to their emotional healing.

The coach becomes a supporter and champion for achieving your full potential and helps you to develop a deeper intuitive/spiritual connection within while you learn how to focus on your strengths and abilities. Life healing promotes self healing in the presence of a facilitator. A client will gain a clear understanding of the problem they are facing and the healing takes place at a subconscious level. As the right energy is created to facilitate the healing process and the transformation can happen at a deeper level.

The best coaches combine their powerful self-inquiry tools with their client’s personal life experiences to build new nurturing patterns, release emotional blocks and fears to implement long-term fulfilling strategies.


A Life healing coach is your unbiased partner

Most Life coaches assist clients to minimize stress and design personalized and comprehensive stress-management programs. Having clear boundaries with others, raising emotional resilience and confidence to deal with issues are important benefits of working with a life coach.

Most people tend to put a lot of pressure and expectations on themselves. Life coaching encourages a gentler attitude toward the aspects of being a less-than-perfect human being while finding ways to facilitate progress.

Often, advice from a friend or family member tends to offer information that would be filtered through personal attachment. Coaches are trained to remain uninvolved and can more effectively expand their clients perspective. Soliciting a second opinion about an important aspect of life from a professional coach can offer the reassurance needed or a brand new way of seeing the situation that would not have been otherwise considered.


A healing coach promotes the development of inner skills like meditation, visualization, and affirmations so that you can achieve your goals faster. One will learn the important life skills for balance and success in every area. These techniques will help to clear the past as well as deal with any current life challenges that arise in the present.

Client Diaries

A client of mine who is a successful entrepreneur and runs a baby photography studio in the city, came to me when she was suffering from depression and breathlessness. Due to health complications in her pregnancy, she was advised bed rest and had to stop working. I suggested that she should take the guided meditation to heal her of these issues from the subconscious level and on the first day itself, within 2 hours of the meditation process she felt major relief in her breathlessness. And after one week of the healing program she could focus on key issues much clearly, feel more ‘in control’ of her health. She was able to take up more work and could deal with all issues in her life confidently. According to her, the entire healing process was an amazing experience. Working at a subconscious level, makes the healing more effective as we are able to uncover many layers of emotion and healing can take place at the core.

The Emotional Detox Program

Emotional Detox program is part of our life healing initiative. We believe that every stress and emotional turmoil we go through is a message to help us grow into better person. Life healing and emotional detox uses a proprietary custom interactive guided meditation process during sessions that not only helps the clients to learn self healing but also helps us understand the reason for the lesson, stress or emotion that it is trying to teach us.


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