Are you in control of your emotions or do they control you?

Anger, sadness, jealousy,hatred or happiness – emotions are the driving force in our lives.

We take chances because were excited for new prospects. We cry because we have been hurt and we make sacrifices because we love. It is our emotions that dictate our thoughts, intentions and actions. But when we act on our emotions too quickly, or we act on the wrong kinds of emotions, we often make decisions that we later regret.

Honestly, how many of us can say that we have our emotions under control all the time?

Let’s say you are in a party we are happy and enjoying ourselves with our friends. But as soon as we get home to our family, we cannot experience the same euphoria and happiness. Why is it that our emotions change in different situations and when we are around different people?

We come back from a long holiday and once we are back to our regular routine, somehow we have a renewed energy to tackle situations better. The small things that could easily aggravate us earlier do not seem to have the same effect on us . We feel quite peaceful and in control of our emotions. Why do you think a change has occurred now?


How can we reach a stage where we are completely at peace with ourselves even in a room full of people, remain calm and not letting anything affect us?

We all desire to reach a level where our emotions no longer control us but we can handle each trigger or person more effectively and change our behaviour in such a way that they cannot ruin our day or our lives. There is a difference in situations and environment when we get affected and when we do not. Most of us are burdened with our unresolved emotions and all of that accumulates in us as stress. So when we encounter people or situations that triggers these emotions, even the smallest thing affects us.

Hence, we need to address this emotional burden that we carry within us. We all have different ways of coping with stress – some people visit a spa, some go on a holiday others may go for a movie or shopping. But all of these are temporary remedies as the emotional burden does not disappear and still remains. It will most certainly reappear when we are in a conflicting environment.

Our Emotional Detox Programprovides you with a permanent solution. In this program, the client goes through a guided meditation where we identify the problem and emotional blocks from their subconscious level. Once an awareness is created, we can work through the many layers of emotion and remove the problem from its core. And after the healing sessions, these problems can not only be removed but we get to understand important life lessons about them and can make significant changes in our lives. Within one moment of realisation our entire life can change.


When was the last time you were able to feel like that?

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