Zest in life is an offering from Veda Vyas who is a Business Coach and a Life Healer.
He wears multiple hats – mentor, motivational speaker, scientist, philosopher and a life coach. His keen focus on spirituality, healing, eastern religions and philosophy has led him to experience the richness of life from a unique perspective.
His career started as a nuclear scientist with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai after graduating in Mechanical Engineering. His journey with BARC created a strong sense of innovation and the importance of fundamentals. He holds a Masters degree in Philosophy. While working at BARC, he used to organise Brahma Kumaris daily meditation classes for scientists.
Long association with the Brahma Kumaris made him an expert in applied spiritual intelligence where he organised training programmes, campaigns and workshops all over India for scientists, engineers and managers.
His wide exposure to other spiritual practices such as Isha Yoga, Vipassana and Reiki helped him enrich the depth of spiritual growth. This helped him to develop unique, powerful coaching and healing techniques which he applies in his Life coaching program.
He believes that spirituality should address the problems of day to day life; else it will remain a pleasant and memorable experience and will slowly fade away. This belief led him to transition from spiritual training to life coaching. He evolved as a life coach after a 6-month training programmed accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF).
Business Coach-He has conducted training courses to empower scientists, engineers, managers, industrialists and other intellectuals in realizing their perspective, potential and vision in life. The objective is to create excellence, success, happiness and harmony in personal, professional and social life.
Life Healer –As a life coach, he blends his experience as a trainer with meditation, philosophy & spirituality to create innovative methods to for individuals, couples and families to achieve emotional wellness.