Performance Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

Entrepreneurs, CEOs HNIs and the C-suite executives experience tough challenges surround businesses. In such situations, we feel responsible for the growth of the organisation. However, past strategies are not as effective in new challenges. When we experience the limiting boundaries of in our performance we need support to go into what is beyond.

All great people go through tough and testing times in life. These memories are both empowering in what they teach and also limiting by locking our energies in failures. By neutralising these stressful memories at the subconscious level, we can unlock potential like never before. This process reduces stress levels and improves leadership skills significantly.

Executive coaching helps us gain the inner balance, clarity, focus and engagement.

Programme Details:

Unlock 1 day (4 hours of unlocking potential)

Transform 3 months (10 hours of executive coaching includes Unlock)

Success 6 months (16 hours of leadership success coaching includes Transform)

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Business Development Coaching

As a CEO or the BU head, one has a singular aim of taking the business to the next level. Sometimes, we seem to be at crossroads with a need of greater insight and clarity to pursue right path.Add to that, we are inundated with a thousand things that leave one with no time to pause and reflect.

The effects of not having an expert support can range from limiting the growth of the business to the business inability to respond to major shifts in the business environment. It is time for business coaching.

Programme Details:

Basic –1 hour sessions as and when you need.

Unlock –4 hours on unlocking your business potential (One Week)

Transform– 10 hours business coaching includes Unlock (3 Months)

Success– 16 hours Success coaching includes Transform (6 Months)

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Performance Team Coaching

The team that assists the leadership of a business decides, to a large extent, the business fortunes. Such team includes experts in each line of the business, but often their expertise does not contribute fully to the business due to misalignments in interpreting the goals and devising processes and plans. Here are some telltale signs and their remedies are here:

  • Egos at play, some dominant and some muted. However, communication flows smoothly when egos are not at play.
  • Crafting new processes with the emotional awareness of the limitations and strengths of the team on the ground will not only help but rallies the whole organisation around the goals of the business.
  • Delegation a key ingredient to building agility into the business and create space for each person to be at his best in his area of work helps the organisation widely.

Programme details vary based on the team needs and size.

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